List of public deliverables:

    • D1.3: Initial Data Management Plan (V1.0)
    • D2.1: Baseline speech and text transformation and model learning library (V1.0)
    • D2.2: Improved transformation library and initial privacy guarantees (V1.0)
    • D2.3: Final transformation library and privacy guarantees (V1.0)
    • D3.1: Initial multilingual interaction library (V1.0)
    • D3.2: Initial personalised learning library for speech-to-text (V1.0)
    • D3.3: Final multilingual interaction library (V1.0)
    • D3.4: Final personalised learning library (V1.0)
    • D4.1: SDK software architecture (V1.0)
    • D4.2: Initial weakly supervised learning library (V1.0)
    • D4.3: Initial COMPRISE SDK prototype (V1.0)
    • D4.4: Final weakly supervised learning library (V1.0)
    • D4.5: Final COMPRISE SDK prototype and documentation (V1.0)
    • D5.1: Data Protection and GDPR Requirements (V1.0)
      • D5.1b: Updated data Protection and GDPR Requirements (V1.0)
    • D5.2: Platform hardware and software architecture (V1.0)
    • D5.3: Data collection and curation features of the platform (V1.0)
    • D5.4: Initial platform demonstrator (V1.0)
    • D5.5: Final platform demonstrator and updated data protection and GDPR requirements (V1.0)
    • D6.2: Initial scientific evaluation (V1.0)
    • D7.1: Dissemination and Communication Action Plan (V1.0)
    • D7.3: First dissemination and communication report (V1.0)

    Upcoming deliverables. Stay tuned!

    • D7.5: Second dissemination and communication report (31/10/2021)
    • D1.6: Final data management plan (30/11/2021)

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