The COMPRISE Cloud Platform

The COMPRISE Cloud Platform provides a highly scalable, open-source, cloud-based solution for the management of multilingual speech and text data and models.
The COMPRISE Cloud Platform offers a web application programming interface (API) and a web-based user interface (UI) which allow users to upload, store and manage speech and text data:

  • Users can upload raw speech and text data, or anonymised speech or text data created using the COMPRISE Voice Transformer or the COMPRISE Text Transformer.
  • With each uploaded audio or text segment, the users can add transcripts or labels and control third-party access to the data.

The COMPRISE Cloud Platform also implements scalable training of Speech-to-Text (STT) models, as well as downloading said trained models. In the future, support for other types of data and models may be added.
The COMPRISE Cloud Platform can operate alone or in pair with the COMPRISE SDK and it is easily integrable with third-party systems.
The COMPRISE Cloud Platform is suitable for companies and public institutions in sectors such as health, finance, or justice, that wish to operate customised conversational AI services or other speech and language technology-based services trained on private or confidential data.

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