Developer survey

Survey for voice-enabled app developers

Survey for voice-enabled app developers

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To better understand the difficulties of developers who are integrating voice-enabled features in their apps, we would like to ask you to spare a few minutes to answer the 12 questions below. Unless you enter your contact details when answering question no. 12, no user identifiable data is collected from this survey.

Q1.) For your voice-enabled mobile application, which properties are you most interested in?
Q2.) In the development process for your voice-enabled app, what is the most expensive phase?
Q3.) How do you manage privacy during these phases?
Q4.) How long does it take you to add a new language?
Q5.) Does your voice-enabled application rely on managed services (provided by third-party companies)?
Q5.1.) If you selected "Yes", what are the main reasons for using those services?
Q6.) What is the most critical feature in your application?
Q7.) What is the geographical scope of your application?
Q8.) What are the target platforms for your voice-based application?
Q9.) What language components do you embed in your application?
Q10.) How many potential end-users will your application help?
Q11.) How frequently are language features being updated (e.g., retrained models)?
Q12. ) I would like to be informed about COMPRISE updates.*

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