Comprise SDK


Are you a developer? Thanks to the COMPRISE SDK, you can now create multilingual, voice-enabled applications in a faster, cost-effective, and privacy-driven way.

The SDK is made for Smartphone applications developed with the Ionic framework, with Angular as a foundation. It consists of:

  • The COMPRISE Client Library, which can be deployed on any Android or iOS device and integrates all required voice functionalities (Speech-to-Text, Spoken Language Understanding, Dialog Management, Spoken Language Generation, Text-to-Speech) together with Machine Translation.
  • The COMPRISE App Wizard, which helps you do all necessary configuration in a quick and easy way. 
  • The COMPRISE Personal Server, which allows the execution of large related services outside the Smartphone, while still preserving privacy.


Don’t waste time implementing native solutions. The COMPRISE SDK provides a single codebase, which can be deployed on multiple operating systems. It can be used in practically any mobile Android or iOS application for the voice-enabled market.

Expand your customer base to a wider range of countries around the world. Thanks to integrated Machine Translation, your applications speak multiple languages at little extra cost.

Offer customers an unprecedented level of privacy protection. Unlike existing Cloud-based frameworks, the functionalities provided by the COMPRISE Client Library run on device or on a Personal Server, and privacy-driven Voice and Text Transformations are applied to any voice data being collected for development purposes. This prevents third parties from accessing the customers’ personal information.

Customise your voice features. You’re not a voice expert? The COMPRISE App Wizard provides an intuitive interface designed for you to quickly deploy the relevant Client Library components and configure them for your application. The SDK itself is open source: you can customise and extend it to further match your needs over time.

Developer survey: Since you are here and interested in our project, could you please spare a moment to share your concerns and answer 12 questions related to developing voice-enabled apps.

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